Saturday, December 12, 2009


Tengok apa Amirah Azmy tulis.

I miss the way we used to be a lovely pair

I miss the way you used to love me and care
I miss the way I used to love playing with your hair
And I miss all the love and stories that we used to share.

I wonder why the world is so unfair
One moment I'm truly happy, the next moment I'm terribly sad
You finally walked away and stop to care
Which hurts my feelings and makes me suffer so bad.

I've learnt to love and respect every part of you
I've learnt to accept all your flaws and weaknesses
I've tried to obey everything which came out from you
But what I get in return is a heart full of bruises.

I should never have hide the truth from you
I really really regretted myself it is indescribable
And now I've gained nothing but hate from you
Forgiveness is very hard, but I hope it is not impossible.

Please God, please do answer my prayers
Please God, please do open her heart again
All I ever wanted is to have her forgiveness
And for me and her to be just as we are again

okay aku ubah la sikit sikit nak padankan dengan situasi aku sekarang kan.
tapi tengok apa yang dia tulis, betul betul ikhlas nampaknya. good job bai. :)

dah lah lama tak post, sekali post emosi habis.


NisaKhirudin said...


Amirah Azmy said...

sedih nie, jom menangis bersama.. hehe

syaaban said...

Tissue please..
Da tangkap nanges ni.

btw,nice one!

cik EPAL said...

kau memang emosi pon..bahaha :D

Joe Susilo said...

Huwa Tehnik said...

nice poem :)