Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Bukan Sengaja.

"When I was down with sickness, you came to UIA from home at 11PM plus because you wanted to bring me to the clinic. When I refused to get up from my bed, you were not mad at me eventhough you've already reached UIA. When my whole body was shaking at night because I was starving, you brought me out for dinner. You are always being supportive with any of my relationships I had previously and with whoever I had a crush on, though some of them dislike you. You tell me silly jokes when I was sad just to cheer me up and make me smile again. You're always at my side of any stories, eventhough sometimes I was the one at wrong.

When I broke up with my ex-boyfriend, you helped to calm me down when I cried everyday. You gave me the strength and your attention. You stand by me at my weakest point in life. When I had an accident and told you that I'm in pain, you brought me to the clinic and then sent me home. The first time that I needed to go home by train from UIA, you were so worried that you sent me to the most easiest station, so that I won't have to change the train. When I had a new boyfriend and neglected you badly, you didn't ditch me as planned because I know, you can't stay mad at me for long. When I was crying at 3.25AM in the morning, you were the one who called me to calm me down and forced me not to think much and go to sleep.

And many other things that you've done for me that I can't list here because there's just too many of 'em. Not only to me, you've brought happiness to others too and loved by many. But you are my first best guy friend ever in the rank, and no one can take you away from me. Hahaa! I love you so much best friend, forever I will. :)"

Terima Kasih, apa guna seorang kawan kan?


Aiman Rozali said...

aku ke? eh, terasa pulak.! :)

uyumi azmin said...

how i wish i could had one.
just one.

songchai said...

kalau kat lelaki buat cam ni jugak ker?

nik alya fathi said...

obviously its ur forever most best friend, amirah azmy. yes?

Amirah Azmy said...

i love you khalid, hahaa :)

lanun terlampau said...

gosh sweeeet gila ;D